Race for Life 2015 – thank you for sponsoring us!! 

Yesterday (Sunday 19th July) we ran a Race for Life 10k. Gigi and I had signed up while mum was still around. Running was always something she loved – we’d join when we were little, through the stroppy teenager years and then again rediscovered it. 

It was really strange to think she wouldn’t be there at the finishing line. A group of friends joined us: Candy, Margaret, Lizzie, Koral, Laura, Ellie, Anita, Sarah, Imogen and a strong team of supporters. Without you, and the support, I’m not sure we would have got through the run. 

Everyone was amazing, and such a nice atmosphere. When we were sipping the pink bubbly Jim had arranged, it felt like mum had been running with us throughout. 

So far, we have raised an outstanding £5,522.29 for Cancer Research UK – absolutely mind blowing. As a team, we couldn’t have done it without all your support. 

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