Thank you to Autoneum

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve had mysterious calls for Denny Jicheva at Cromwell Hospital. After giving them our home address, a mysterious package arrived. We spent a lot of time wondering what it could be – felt like a message from mum. 

Opened the parcel and there was a condolence book from Autoneum – messages from all over the world, remembering mum, expressing their condolences. It’s such a beautiful book and so thoughtful:  

And though we couldn’t help but get teary again, we will treasure it always. Thank you Kevin and Martin. 

2 thoughts on “Thank you to Autoneum

  1. Dear Lovely Kids of Maria,

    Thank you for sharing the story and photograph and for making this website! This is the smile of Maria I would love to always keep in my memory!

    Such experiences should tell you that your Mum was precious to so very many. Everyone’s mother is unique, of course. Yours in particular is an inspiration for everyone who had the privilege to know her. Be sure that our love for her goes to you too! We would be happy to be there for you and give you a fraction of all the good that Maria graciously granted us!

    Svetla Aladjem


  2. How touching! I remember this picture and these group from Autoneum well. Its such a beautiful example of how much tremendous impact Maria had with both individuals and organizations. And a great testament too to the kind of caring organization that Kevin and Martin have created at Autoneum.


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