From Kai

Dear Andrey, Denny and Gigi,

Our deepest felt condolences. Words can never express our feelings, but we would like to let you know, that our thoughts are with you and with our dear friend Maria at this dark time.

Maria has been a companion for us – professionally and privately – since December 2003. We had the tremendous pleasure of having her as our guest and as a trainer in Bulgaria, India, Austria and Germany during the past 12 years.

She always brought joy of life, deep understanding and love for the people around her and an incredible feeling of being welcome, no matter who they were. As someone said on your page, Maria simply loved people.

She will be in our minds and part of our journey forever. A wonderful mind has left this world, and we hope to reunite with her in another one.

We would like to share some pictures of our shared time with Maria.

With love and sorrow,

Petra & Kai with Arjun & Lola