Baby photos 

As we’re sat at home on a rainy Bank Holiday, looking through photos.  Here are a few – you have to marvel at the patience of young parents, especially given I was clearly not the prettiest of babies: 


Still, incredibly excited to see mum:   


We arrived in Burgas last Tuesday. We always knew it was going to be a difficult trip home – seeing family and friends, reliving the experience, memories at every corner… 

There have been many tears. At the same time, it’s been really good to see everyone, and to hear new stories about mum, and to offer that opportunity to mourn together. On her name day, we had an intimate lunch to celebrate her name day. 

   Given the Black Sea connection, it involved large quantities of delicious fresh fish – the sort mum loved. 
OOne of the highlights was a poetry reading by Ivan – he had been moved to write a poem remembering mum (to be uploaded soon). 


Thank you to Autoneum

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve had mysterious calls for Denny Jicheva at Cromwell Hospital. After giving them our home address, a mysterious package arrived. We spent a lot of time wondering what it could be – felt like a message from mum. 

Opened the parcel and there was a condolence book from Autoneum – messages from all over the world, remembering mum, expressing their condolences. It’s such a beautiful book and so thoughtful:  

And though we couldn’t help but get teary again, we will treasure it always. Thank you Kevin and Martin.