Reflecting on Memorial Service -Thank You

It’s been three weeks since we had the opportunity to share some time with those of you able to attend the Memorial Service. It was a warm, open hearted, generous evening, made possible by all your contributions. 

Of course there were lots of tears too, but the love of all who spoke, filmed a video, Catherine’s amazing catering and Boston University exceptional kindness in hosting us – those all shone through. With the marathon, a job change, semester in full swing – it’s only this evening I’m getting a moment to sit with a cup of tea and remember flashes of that special evening.

I know that those of you who were unable to attend would value a few photos. Guests have kindly shared these with us.

With much love xxxx


Another difficult occasion: birthdays 

Today is dad’s 61st birthday, and the first in 31 years without mum. 

It’s hard – we’re trying to do nice things, but doesn’t really fill the huge space. Evvy designed the most beautiful card, which sums up how we feel: a lot of love, tinged with sadness. 

There are many more occasions coming up, and don’t know whether it will get easier. In the meantime, honouring Jichev theatre-going occasions to the full.