Photos from Shine Night Marathon for Cancer Research UK 

On Saturday, dad, Gigi and I took part in a marathon walk raising money for lung cancer. Without doubt, one of the biggest physical & mental challenges we have embarked on.

If you would like to sponsor us, you still can! Dad took a little bit of time to in setting up his JustGiving page but it is here and wonderful!

Support Andrey – he’s awesome!

Wooo Gigi did it!

And so did Denny, her legs hurt now. Worth a £10?
Sharing a few photos, will write more extensively about the experience soon!



Three months 

Saturday 12th September marked three months since mum died. Three months of mostly feeling surreal, sometimes angry, sometimes like everything is hollow. Moments of “getting on” with things, or ploughing your way through the bureaucracy that is probate.

We spent Saturday morning planting flowers at the cemetery. Suspect mum would have laughed at our gardening skills; much love went into it. Told her about our latest training efforts for the marathon walk*, and the week, new rotation to Scotland Office, prep for the Memorial Service. I think that would have made her happy.

*Gigi’s marathoning & Denny’s marathoning

I’m going to pause here because today is a bad day. So many people have written of the difficulty of getting in touch, putting it into words. I work with words – whether it’s marketing, policy, strategy, leadership development – so many, many words. And none are right.

Miss you x