From David M.

Hello all,

I have been thinking about Maria since first hearing of her death last week. I had a chance to be outside and to soak in the sunshine, the river water that I was floating on and the beauty of the local mountains, all sources of strength for me. It helped me process the information about Maria, so I thought I would add my thoughts to the mix.

I think I am not ready for this time of life; it just has crept up on me to find that my colleagues and friends are starting to have major health problems and are starting to die-much too young. Maria was such a warm and interesting person. I loved her wit and her fierce commitment to her values. She was so excited to launch her now business that I enjoyed hearing her talk about the possibilities. She was eager and hungry to get busy and well on her way when she first found out about the cancer.

Over the years I enjoyed learning more about her personal history growing up in such a different system and part of the world. When I first met her I recognized her accent as Bulgarian because I had grown up across the street from a Bulgarian family in Vermont and was familiar with the accent. That really surprised her!

I have had a picture of Zeke and Maria on my desk since they were both ill. I miss them both.

She has such a great family and was so proud of her daughters. I feel so badly for her family to lose her at such a young age.

Anyway, take care all and it is sure a great reminder to me to live each moment with meaning and commitment to get the most out of life. I will carry fond memories of Maria forward. Take good care all.


David H. Marvin

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