On the difficulty of holidays

My uncle described mum as the one who “made the celebrations”.  She was the one who organised all the birthdays and got people together, whatever the occasion.

So yesterday’s Father’s Day was difficult. Dad worked all weekend to cover one of her programmes, and we did our best in the circumstances. It feels like there’s a huge gap that will always be there. Her birthday (27th June), the day after the funeral. Parents’ wedding anniversary on the 4th July.  A lot of difficult days are coming up, but we’re holding on the hope that we will slowly move towards celebrating her amazing life and the wonderful moments we’ve had together.

One thought on “On the difficulty of holidays

  1. We have only met Maria on few occasions (through my father Peter and Vasilka), but she made a big impression on us as a person with zest for life and great inner strength. Out thoughts are with your family in these difficult times.


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