From Laurence

Many thanks dear Denny, Gigi and Andrey for posting the wonderful tributes and photos that remind us of your amazing mother and wife!

This photo of Maria deeply concentrated watching her computer, reflecting, at Fulham Palace Cafe, makes me smile and cry at the same time..

I could just imagine what was the next moment as if in a movie: she would lift up her head, having sparkling eyes and say something really wise, often smiling…
Thank you Maria, my dear friend,

Dear Maria, my dear friend,
Here you are now, in peace, with no pain, in the light of the 7th plane, twinkling,

With your wonderful smile, and your laugh, as if zillions of blue bells were tinkling,

I can see warmth, care, wit, creativity, connectivity as always in your eyes, sparkling.

I am still under shock as, until the end, I believed, you believed, we were believing

that your inner strength and strong will power would win over the crab progressing.

But the Universe decided otherwise. You went the 2nd time your heart stopped beating.

I started to know you via the Bulgarian network some years ago, and also the neighbouring,

you were living at number 57 mirroring mine, Inglethorpe street, and we were both running

along the river Thames, sometimes together, sometimes with our partners, and greeting,

or in the past months going together to our local sport club at 8am for your fitness reviving.

We got closer professionally too, we enjoyed mutual stimulating discussion and sharing

about our learning points, experiences with people, possible ideas, concepts, projecting

to create and do even more together, for our complementarities and similarities joining.
We had endless discussions when you wanted to transition to your own firm of coaching,

and then you jumped with your enthusiastic energy and proudly U>lead group was birthing!
“What is the key small step that will be next for you?”, your preferred question, solution focusing!

I would ask the same question to you, and we would laugh! “Just be my friend, stop coaching!”

You incarnated elegance, and this was another of our favorite topic of discussion: how combining

colours, how matching clothes with body shapes, how accessorizing make a difference in impacting

self & others in an audience! How the height of heels is correlated with self-confidence boosting!

You would suggest and organise our theatre plays going, and I would the music concert listening,

filling the car with family, friends, and, to be on time, through the Fulham back streets slaloming!

And when you were diagnosed with cancer, in January 2013, you showed what open-minding

truly meant. You started to explore new ways to eat, drink, breathe and discovered meditating.

Together, we did some chakra clearing, we would meet more often, to Fulham Palace Café walking.

You would just text me and ask to pop in at home, we would sit, drink herbal tea, garden watching.

Relaxed, you would start talking about your childhood, releasing well anchored memories, sharing

your dream about retiring in your home in Burgas, by the sea, excited about the refurbishing,

a project for and with your family, for the historic features and the stained glass highlighting,

as it was this image you were contemplating as a child, from the house opposite where you were living.

Through this image you were aspiring to go upper, forward, even further, your world expanding

to even more beauty and intelligence, to even more discoveries, explorations, further away flying.

This is what you have achieved in your life, flying, creating, interacting, en-joy-ing, building, connecting,

loving your husband, two daughters, friends, it was easier for you to give, you learnt more about receiving.

You had plenty of ideas to develop, and you started to write, the red book story, your own story telling.

It became less easy when you felt more frequently tired, and when your right arm started swelling.

So you plugged again to your crusader self, converting your negative thoughts and emotions into positiving.

Our discussions were more interrupted by more crying, and you felt being in the being was relieving.

We were looking forward to going to Brighton in July to practice Intuitive Anatomy in Theta healing,

as a way for you to take control again of your health, rebuild your body, your positive mind still driving.

So now, when I will be on my own in Brighton, or anywhere from now on, I will for your signs watching..

Will you be this bright butterfly in the sky flying?

This colourful one with elegant wings?

As always, you, the way U>leading …

for aspiring and inspiring,

promising and delivering,

smiling and exploring,

laughing and fulfilling,

high flying..

Thank you Maria for all your gifts. I feel I was so lucky for you in my life meeting.

I promise that I will continue to be mindful and grateful for each moment of being.

See you over there, where you are, in the Light, one day, when time will be coming.

Yours, heart to heart.

Heart hurting.

Heart smiling.
Heart living

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