3 thoughts on “Cats 

  1. Dear Denny, Andrey & Gigi,

    I am so terribly sorry, devastated for you all.

    I was enriched by spending time with your wonderful Mum and wife, she was one of the most radiant people I have ever met. Her love for people shone. Always. My thoughts are with you, and I can only imagine how you all feel.

    When someone you care deeply for passes away, the written word seems so shallow, so inadequate.

    Maria, has a very special place in my heart. I know a little of what a wonderful, truly wonderful woman she was. Forgive a ramble, I don’t think I can write anything that doesn’t simply pour out of my heart. She would have smiled………she always smiled. Maria always made order and sense from my ramble.

    I know you know so much better than I everything I am about to write….

    Maria has touched so many hearts, made so many lives the better for her friendship. She was amazingly giving, I used to ask her who looks after the giver? Who cares for the carer? She gave so very much because she was one of life’s unstinting givers. She gave without expectation of anything being returned. She emotionally healed……She helped.

    I first met Maria in the USA on a WPP senior management course, Maestro. It was amazing. She was amazing. I cried. She cried. We laughed, we worked hard. She gave. I learned, I changed – she helped me understand that I’m at my best being me, when I had spent twenty years trying to be something and someone else. The week I spent with her changed me deeply. It is perhaps the most special memory, the most impactful week I have spent in my thirty years at WPP. She listened, she understood, she helped.

    We stayed in touch, I saw her every four months or so. Our lunches and work together on leadership courses were always uplifting, always enriching. I treasure the time we spent together. She often talked about you all, and her eyes twinkled, I know how proud and how much joy each of you brought to her. Her tales of Bulgaria, she entertained me, enthralled me………….

    Dearest Maria, dearest friend (that’s how she used to write to me) you’ve left us all far, far too early. I’m not sure that I said thank you enough, I’m not sure that I listened enough, I’m not sure I told you how much I (and so many others) cared deeply for you. But I know you knew, you always knew, you were such a sharp brilliant woman, so intuitive, you wore your sharp intellect so well, used it for good, and for others. Goodbye gorgeous. XX…….

    A life well worth living is measured in legacy. Wow what a legacy you left, full of hope and joy and positive energy. Full of smiles.

    We who spent time with Maria loved her dearly.

    Thank you for sharing your amazing, beautiful Mum and wife with us. Today the world is a lesser place………less beautiful, less giving, less loving, simply less…..

    I first met you in tears….and now I find I leave you the same way…………….



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