One thought on “Thank you to Maria Zlateva and Dencho

  1. We are grief-stricken – pacing around, looking at each other and asking “why”. Maria was more than a cherished old friend: she was an inspiration, a mentor in the art of living fully. Her visits to Boston were awaited highlights of our life. She would bring good cheer, updates on the state of the world in its most mysterious corners, and a joie de vivre that would recharge our batteries till the next reunion.
    Andrey, Denny, and Gigi will continue to be extended family for us, but we’ll sorely miss our Maria (Mimi) — her quick wit, intellectual curiosity, wisdom, and boundless generosity.

    Mimi dearest, you are leaving behind many grieving friends, loyal disciples, admirers — and an empty seat at many theatre performances…
    We miss you!


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