One thought on “Gigi’s cards ❤️

  1. Andrey, Denny, and Gigi, I’m leaving this comment, here, because, to my mind, Gigi has perfectly captured how Maria loved all of you. Do these sweet drawings speak to me because your family has always reminded me so much of our family? I don’t know. But the banter among all of you aways made me think of Dave and I with our boys. I loved how Maria aways spoke of all of you – she was so proud of you – aways amazed at your wisdom, intelligence, and creativity. And you made her laugh. I can still see her rolling her eyes at something one of you had said or done.
    There has hung a miasma of sadness over our home since Maria’s passing. Memories of her, and of you all, hover at the edge of my consciousness and I have difficulty imagining the world without her in it. She was a force of nature – beauty, joy, drive, energy, excitement over the smallest thing. Yesterday, the thought came to me that there are these small pockets of sadness in places all over the world this week because she touched the lives of so many. I don’t know why, but that thought gives me some comfort – that we are all sharing this grief.
    Girls, and Andrey, you’re going to be alright. Maria taught you how to make and keep a family – how to love one another, how to comfort one another, and how to laugh in the midst of difficult things. Please know that we are with you – thinking of you, remembering with you, praying for each of you every day, and loving you.



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